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Organization Abbreviation, Name of Organization Point of Contact   Request for Help
AITS = Administrative IT Services Abraham John
CAS = Computing for Arts and Science IT Services Tim Christian    
CENG = College of Engineering IT Services Jim Byford    
CSS = Classroom Support Services Chris Canuteson    
COB = College of Business IT Services Daniel Duncan    
COE = College of Education IT Services Vacant    
CVAD = College of Visual Arts and Design Michael Baggett    
HPS  = Health and Public Service IT Services Jackie Thames    
LIB = Library John Luetkemeyer    
MHT  = Merchandising, Hospitality & Tourism IT Services Sampath Pamidimukkala    
PD  = Police Department IT Services Brad Varcoe    
UNTS = UNT System, 1901 Main St, Dallas Vernon Price    
ITSS = IT Shared Services  Jonathan Brands   ServiceNow Ticket or
Name of Entity Entity Abbreviation IT Support Provider Primary IT Support Name
Athletics ATHL    
Chief Financial Officer   AITS Mathew Fenton
External Operations   AITS  
Operations   AITS  
Sports   AITS  
Advancement ADV AITS  
Development   AITS Chris Stoermer
Alumni Relations   AITS Chris Stoermer
Donor Relations and Advancement Services   AITS Chris Stoermer
Computer Labs, Student      
Art Building   CVAD Kacey Close
Business Leadership Building, Room 185 and 190   BLB Joey Macaraeg
Chilton Hall   HPS  Chu Chuah
Discovery Park   CENG Devin Johns
General Academic Building, Room 330 and 550   CAS  James Strawn
Matthews Hall, Rooms 307 and 309   MATT Laura McCluney
Music Building   MUSIC Scott Krejci
Physical Education, Room 220   COE Vacant
Terrill Hall   CAS James Strawn
Willis Library   LIB Judy Hunter
Wooten Hall   CAS James Strawn
Enrollment ENR AITS  
Registrar   AITS  
Student Financial Aid & Scholarships   AITS  
Admissions   AITS  
Enrollment and Strategic Initiatives   AITS  
Equity and Diversity E&D AITS  
Equal Opportunity   AITS  
Diversity and Inclusion   AITS  
Finance and Administration FAD AITS  
Office of the VPFAD   AITS Chris Stoermer
Budget and Analytics   AITS  
    Budget Office   AITS  
    Asset Management   AITS  
Business Development   AITS  
    Institutional Records Management   AITS  
Facilities Services   AITS Ginger Boone
    Facilities Support and Services   AITS  
    Facilities Planning, Design & Construction   AITS  
    Facilities Maintenance   AITS  
Adminstrative Services   AITS Chris Stoermer
    Policy   AITS  
    Communications   AITS  
    Business Processes and Training   AITS  
Police Department   PD  Brad Varcoe
    Operations   PD   
    Investigations   PD   
    Administration   PD   
Risk Management Services   AITS Ginger Boone
    Insurance and Claims   AITS  
    Environmental Risk   AITS  
    Emergency Management   AITS  
    Public Health   AITS  
Student Financial Services   AITS Chris Horiates
University Information Services   AITS Abraham John
    Administrative IT Services   AITS Abraham John
        Surveillance   AITS Jason McMullen
        Web Development   AITS Jason McMullen
    Classroom Support Services   CSS Chris Canuteson
    Data Analytics and Institutional Research, Effectiveness   AITS Abraham John
    Transportation and Parking Services   AITS Jason Zorola
    Texas Municipal Clerks   AITS Abraham John
Provost PROV AITS Chris Stoermer
Academic Administration   AITS  
    Academic Affairs Policies   AITS  
    Academic Affairs Board Coordination   AITS  
Academic Resources   AITS  
    Academic Budget   AITS  
    Faculty Records   AITS  
Academic Affairs   AITS  
    Academic Integrity   AITS  
    Center for Learning Experimentation, Application & Research   HPS   
    Faculty Success   AITS  
    Learning Center   AITS  
    Student Academic Success   AITS  
    University Curriculum   AITS  
    Academic Outreach   AITS  
        New College at Frisco   UIS Joshua Avery
        UNT at Collin Higher Education Center   AITS  
        UNT at Universities Center at Dallas   AITS  
        UNT at NCTC at Gainesville   AITS  
        Completer Degrees   AITS  
  Accreditation   AITS  
  Career Connect   AITS  
  International Affairs   AITS  
        Global Partnership and Engagement   AITS  
        Intensive English Language Institute   AITS  
        International Recruitment   AITS  
        International Student and Scholar Services   AITS  
        Study Abroad   AITS  
Space Management and Planning   AITS  
College of Business COB COB  Daniel Duncan
Accounting   COB   
Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Law   COB   
Information Technology & Decision Sciences   COB   
Management   COB   
Marketing & Logistics   COB   
College of Education COE COE  Vacant
Counseling and Higher Education   COE   
Educational Psychology   COE   
Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation   COE   
Kristin Farmer Autism Center   COE   
Teacher Education and Administration   COE   
College of Engineering CENG CENG  Jim Byford
Biomedical Engineering   CENG   
Computer Science and Engineering   CENG   
Electrical Engineering   CENG   
Engineering Technology   CENG   
Materials Science and Engineering   CENG   
Mechanical and Energy Engineering   CENG   
College of Health and Public Service HPS HPS  Chu Chuah
Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology   HPS   
Behavior Analysis   HPS   
Community and Professional Programs   HPS   
Criminal Justice   HPS   
Emergency Management and Disaster Science   HPS   
Public Administration   HPS   
Rehabilitation and Health Services   HPS   
Social Work   HPS   
College of Information COI CAS  Tim Christian
Information Science   CAS   
Learning Technologies   CAS   
Linguistics   CAS   
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences CLASS CAS  Tim Christian
Aerospace Studies   CAS   
Anthropology   CAS   
Communication Studies   CAS   
Dance & Theatre   CAS   
Economics   CAS   
English   CAS   
Geography and the Environment   CAS   
History   CAS   
Integrative Studies   CAS   
International Studies   CAS   
Jewish and Israel Studies   CAS   
LGBT Studies   CAS   
Media Arts   CAS   
Military Science   CAS   
Oral History   CAS   
Philosophy and Religion   CAS   
Political Science   CAS   
Psychology   CAS   
Social Science   CAS   
Sociology   CAS   
Spanish   CAS   
Technical Communication   CAS   
Women's and Gender Studies   CAS   
World Languages, Literature and Cultures   CAS   
Castleberry Peace Institute   CAS   
Center For Economic Education   CAS   
Center for Environmental Economic Studies & Research   CAS   
Center for Environmental Philosophy   CAS   
Economic Research Group   CAS   
Laboratory for Forensic Anthropology & Human Identification   CAS   
Military History Center   CAS   
Psychology Clinic   CAS   
Psychosocial Health Research   CAS   
Spatial Analysis & Mapping   CAS   
Sport Psychology & Performance Excellence   CAS   
College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism CMHT MHT  Sampath Pamidimukkala
Merchandising & Digital Retailing   MHT   
Hospitality & Tourism   MHT   
College of Music COM MUSIC  Ben Bigby
Composition Studies   MUSIC   
Conducting and Ensembles   MUSIC   
Choral Studies   MUSIC   
Early Music   MUSIC   
Opera   MUSIC   
Orchestral Studies   MUSIC   
Wind Studies   MUSIC   
Instrumental Studies   MUSIC   
Brass   MUSIC   
Percussion   MUSIC   
Strings   MUSIC   
Woodwinds   MUSIC   
Jazz Studies   MUSIC   
Instrumental Jazz Studies   MUSIC   
Jazz Arranging   MUSIC   
Vocal Jazz Performance   MUSIC   
Music History, Theory and Ethnomusicology   MUSIC   
Ethnomusicology   MUSIC   
Music History    MUSIC   
Music Theory   MUSIC   
Vocal Studies   MUSIC   
College of Science COS CAS  Tim Christian
Biological Sciences   CAS   
Chemistry   CAS   
Mathematics   CAS   
Physics   CAS   
Advanced Invironmental Research Institute   CAS   
Biodiscovery Institute   CAS   
Teach North Texas   CAS   
Advanced Scienctific Computing & Modeling   CAS   
Center for Network Neuroscience   CAS   
Computational Epidemiology & Response Analysis   CAS   
Elm Fork Education Center   CAS   
Institute of Applied Science   CAS   
Nonlinear Science   CAS   
Plant Lipid Research   CAS   
Remote Sensing   CAS   
UNT-Chile Sub-Antarctic Biocultural Conservation   CAS   
Health Professions Programs   CAS   
Math Lab   CAS   
Texas Teratogen Information Service   CAS   
College of Visual Arts and Design CVAD CVAD  Michael Baggett
Departments: Art Education, Art History, Design and Studio Art   CVAD   
Foundations Program   CVAD  
Galleries at UNT   CVAD  
Interdisciplinary Art and Design Studies   CVAD  
Onstead Institute   CVAD  
Texas Fashion Collection   CVAD   
UNT Print Research Institute, P.R.I.N.T. Press   CVAD   
Visual Resource Collection   CVAD   
CVAD Volunteer Center   CVAD   
Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism MSJ CAS Tim Christian
North Texas Daily   CAS  
Honors College HONORS TAMS  Roy Zumwalt
Academics   TAMS   
Research, National Scholarships, Terry Program   TAMS   
Student Life   TAMS   
Marketing and Events   TAMS   
Operations and Finance   TAMS   
Libraries   LIB John Leutkemeyer
Administrative Office   LIB  
Collection Management   LIB  
Digital Libraries   LIB  
External Relations   LIB  
Facilities and Systems   LIB  
Public Services   LIB  
Scholarly Communication   LIB  
Special Libraries   LIB  
New College at Frisco FRISCO FRSC Joshua Avery
    Academic Affairs PROV FRSC  
    Student Services SS and ENR FRSC  
Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science TAMS TAMS  Roy Zumwalt
Toulouse Graduate School TGS AITS Abraham John
Operations   AITS  
Student Affairs   AITS  
Online Programs   AITS  
North Texas Community College Consortium NTCCC AITS Abraham John
Research RSCH AITS Daniel Griffith
  Budget   AITS  
  Research and Innovation   AITS  
        Research and Integrity Compliance   AITS  
  Grants and Contracts   AITS  
        Information Systems   AITS  
        Pre-Award Office   AITS  
  Innovation and Commercialization   AITS  
        Licensing   AITS  
Student Affairs DSA AITS  
Auxiliary Services   AITS Chris Horiates
Career Services   AITS  
Center for Leadership and Service   AITS  
Center for Student Affairs, Discovery Park   AITS  
Coliseum and Gateway Center   AITS  
Counseling and Testing Services   AITS  
Dining Services   AITS  
Disability Access, Office of   AITS  
Emerald Eagle Scholars   AITS  
Food Pantry   AITS  
Greek Life   AITS  
Housing and Residence Life   AITS  
Orientation and Transition Programs   AITS  
Spritual Life, Office of   AITS  
Student Activities Center   AITS  
Student Health and Wellness Center   AITS Chris Stoermer
Student Legal Services   AITS  
Student Money Management Center   AITS  
Student Veteran Services   AITS  
Substance Abuse Resource Center   AITS  
TRIO Federal Programs   AITS  
University Union   AITS  
University Relations, Communications and Marketing   AITS  
Brand Marketing and Technology   AITS  
Creative Services   AITS  
Integrated Communications   AITS  
Printing and Distribution Solutions   AITS  
President's Office – UNT   AITS  
Associate to the President   AITS  
Lifelong Learning and Professional Development   AITS  
Ombuds   AITS  
University Centers at Dallas UCD   Jordan Minter
UNT Dallas UNTD UNTD Kevin Rocha
UNT System Board of Regents Regents AITS Vernon Price
UNT System   ITSS Jonathan Brands
Academic Affairs   ITSS  
Business Support Services   ITSS  
Chancellor, Office of   ITSS  
Facilities   ITSS  
Finance   ITSS  
General Counsel   ITSS  
Government Relations   ITSS  
Human Resources   ITSS  
Internal Audit   ITSS  
Information Technology Shared Services   ITSS