Wireless Networks at UNT

UNT offers several methods of connecting to the wireless network (source).

  • UNT Network - Secure Network (Preferred)
  • Eduroam - Secure Network allowing students, faculty, and staff to access wireless networks at participating Universities.
  • Eaglenet - Open Network – This system is not secure and its use is not recommended.
  • ResNet - Only for UNT Housing residents. 

UNT Wireless Configuration

The UNT network offers two main benefits over Eaglenet. First, the UNT network has increased security providing encryption. Second, it avoids going through a log-in portal to access the wireless network.

Password Characters

The UNT network does not allow either a percent sign, "%," or question mark, "?" in the password field. If you have either of those in your UNT password, you will need to set a new password online through the Account Management System: ams.unt.edu.

Eduroam Wireless Configuration

Eduroam allows UNT students, faculty, and staff to connect to wireless networks at other participating Universities using UNT Credentials. While you may see the Eduroam network name on campus, it is recommended that UNT students, faculty, and staff use either the Eaglenet or UNT SSID. 
Set-up Instructions and Additional Information

Eduroam support and how to access the network
The UNT Help Desk supports UNT students, faculty, and staff with access to eduroam. We advise you verify eduroam connectivity before leaving UNT and traveling to a participating university. If you are visiting UNT from another university, your first point of contact will be your university's Help Desk.

Note to Employees: If you are a faculty or staff member having difficulty making a connection to a wireless network on a UNT-owned device, please contact your organization's IT representative: UNT Distributed IT Support Group List.

NOTE: The Help Desk can provide limited support in connecting your device to the UNT wireless system. If it is determined that the nature of the issue is beyond our support capabilities, the Help Desk technician may refer users to seek a professional computer support company, as personal computer support is not provided.