Microsoft Office365

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Information

  • What is Office365?
    Office365 is a cloud-based suite of applications and services that allows users to create, store, and collaborate on documents and other files from anywhere with an internet connection. Office365 also includes your UNT email account.
  • How do I log in to Office365?
    To access Office365, simply visit the Office365 login page at and enter your UNT email address and password. You are also required to authenticate with Duo MFA. You can access Office apps by visiting or by clicking the apps button at the top left of the page.
  • Why are we using Duo MFA for Office365 authentication?
    Duo protects access to your UNT accounts, even if your UNT password is guessed or stolen. Duo increases the security of university systems and resources, protecting important sensitive and confidential information and helping prevent identity theft and other cyber crimes.

Office365 Applications

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