Create online surveys to collect and analyze data for your academic research, user satisfaction, and website feedback

Do not collect confidential information in Qualtrics. Confidential information includes, but is not limited to, student information protected by FERPA, personal health information protected by HIPPA, and personally identifiable information (SSNs, DOBs, etc). Commercial use is prohibited.




Learn Qualtrics

Qualtrics requires you sign in to access some of their resources and support. Whenever prompted to sign in, click "Sign in with SSO" and enter UNT as the Organization ID to sign in with your UNT credentials
  • Academic Support Portal: Primary portal for all Qualtrics Support, documentation, community boards, etc.
  • Survey Platform documentation: The Qualtrics knowledge base covers the use of every section, tab, and setting of the survey platform. Start with Projects Overview to create your first survey or jump right into learning the Survey Editor.
  • Experience Basecamp: On-demand video courses guide you through survey development. It's recommended to start with the Learn to Use Research Core series. You must be signed in to authorize the application on your account.
  • Qualtrics Support: Qualtrics provides chat, email, phone, and an online community board to help with your questions. You must be signed in to receive support.

Brand Administrator

Where Qualtrics Support specializes in supporting use of their platform, UNT's Brand Administrator manages accounts for the UNT campus should you need to transfer ownership of a survey, enable a special permission on an account, or create a group for your unit to aid with collaboration.
Contact the Brand Admin