Stata is another general purpose statistical software package that we support.  It is put out by StataCorp based at College Station, and is a comprehensive package that entails a variety of techniques on par with the other major packages. While not as pervasive as SAS or SPSS in the social sciences, it is very popular among those in political science and economics. In particular it has a wide variety of options for generalized linear models, time-series analyses, and hazard models. Stata is also similar to R in allowing user contributed packages to be incorporated seamlessly into the program's overall functionality. Stata furthermore has a menu system allowing access to almost all built in commands, and in general is a solid all around statistical package.

For computer labs and other university owned machines, a maximum of twenty concurrent instances of Stata may be in use at a time.

How to get Stata

available at unt
unavailable at unt dallas
unavailable at unt hsc

Computer Labs

Stata is available in various Student Computer Labs as well as through MyLab

Office Computers

Employees may request Stata by contacting their College or Departmental IT support group.

Personal Computers

Stata is not available at no cost for home use, but being a UNT faculty, staff or student qualifies you for an educational discount.

The Stata Campus GradPlan, available for faculty, staff, and students, offers varying licenses types and terms.

With the Stata student pricing, there is an additional tier of license term (six months), offering a less expensive option not available with the GradPlan.

Official Stata website
Stata Journal
Introduction to Stata