1. What is EagleConnect? The official UNT email service for students and employees.
  2. Who is provided with an EagleConnect account? An EagleConnect account is provided to students, employees, alumni and retirees.
  3. What software comes with EagleConnect? The account is based off of the Microsoft® Office 365/Outlook.com platform and provides many of the same benefits found in those applications. Current students and employees receive benefits of an MS Office 365 account, including installations of Microsoft© Office software on personal devices. NOTE: Alumni and retirees do not receive the software suite, but are provided basic email service.
  4. How can I access EagleConnect? The email account can be accessed through the web, a PC/Mac, or mobile platforms.
  5. How do I start using my EagleConnect account?
  6. What is my EagleConnect email address? Your EagleConnect address is in the form of FirstLast@my.unt.edu, but may contain a number after your last name. To find your EagleConnect address, please visit the Account Management System and login with your EUID and Password. 

See: Logging in to EagleConnect (KB Article)