Hardware, Software Info

UNT Student Discounts on Hardware

Students can purchase computer hardware with educational discounts through agreements with UNT and certain vendors.

Online Locations

Apple Online Store   |   Dell UNT Store for Education   |   Lenovo   |   HP Education Sales   

For most students, the "education student specials" offered by retail and online vendors will be adequate for Windows or Mac users.  

The recommended minimum hardware configuration includes

  • 8 GB RAM / 250 GB solid-state drive,

  • Microsoft Office, installed or accessible via the cloud, plus

  • virus-protection software.

UNT Student Discounts on Software

  • Microsoft® Office - FREE!  Your Office 365 EagleConnect account entitles you to receive five copies of Microsoft Office for your desktop and mobile devices at no cost! For instructions on downloading and installing Office, please see: Install Microsoft© Office 365 on Desktop and Mobile.

  • UNT Official Bookstore - The UNT official bookstore is affiliated with Barnes and Noble and located on the first floor of the University Union. Check the Barnes and Noble at UNT bookstore's website for information about education discounts on hardware, software, and accessories.