LinkedIn Learning Highlighted Courses

For Drupal Users

Courses may be taken singly or as group. The following order is one of many options.
CourseDrupal 7 Essential Training, beginner level
Course: HTML Essential Training, beginner level
Course: Learning CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), CSS, beginner level
Course: Learning PHP, server-side language used to build dynamic websites, beginner level 
Course: Javascript for Web Designers, beginner level

For Faculty

See UNT's LinkedIn Learning for Faculty page.

For Students, Faculty and Staff

Course: How to use LinkedIn Learning
  Recommended - Microsoft© Office 365: SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook, Acrobat DC, Excel, PowerPoint and more
Course: Time Management Tips

For Supervisors

Collection:  Recommended by Organizational Development and Engagement, ODE – The UNT System HR Organizational Development and Engagement, ODE, team has reviewed several courses and recommends these for supervisors and their teams.  View courses on customer service techniques, communication, and technical skills. If you would like to make a recommendation after viewing a course, please send an email to